Introducing the card

Our Teen Card is a reloadable Visa card that offers parents and teens a better alternative.

  • Easy to Use - allows parents with the ease of providing funds to their teen while away and allows teens to make purchases while avoiding the risk of carrying cash.
  • 24-Hour Cash - obtain cash at a Visa/Plus ATMs 24 hours a day.
  • Reloadable from anywhere - reload your Teen Card by phone or online, 24 hours a day, with the Entrust Financial Credit Union Credit Card or Debit Card you registered with; or simply stop by Entrust Financial Credit Union's office. Personalized cards can be reloaded as often as you wish.
  • Zero Liability* - Offers protection from fraudulent use of a lost or stolen card. Learn more about Zero Liability.

Save Time

Learn proper money handling now to save time in the future when teens are out on their own! Get a Teen Card from Entrust Financial Credit Union. Your Teen Card is convenient for millions of locations worldwide where Visa debit cards are accepted. You will also benefit from accessing your funds 24 hours a day at Visa/PLUS ATMs.

Save Money

Give your teen an allowance on their Teen Card - they'll appreciate the responsibility, and you'll save money without their nightly "I need money" requests! You can reload it by phone, via direct deposit (ACH) or online using your Entrust Financial Credit Union Credit Card or Debit Card that you registered during enrollment.

Peace of Mind

Give your teen the financial freedom they want while keeping the financial control you need. Unlike cash, your Teen Card from Entrust Financial Credit Union can be replaced if lost or stolen, and is protected by Visa's Zero Liability Policy.